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What if you could be part of a group that raises $10,000 for a Colorado charity in less than 60 minutes?

Want to be involved in your community but are already stretched for time?  Do you want to be part of a group of like-minded people making an immediate, direct and positive impact on the lives of your neighbors? Do you want 100% of your donations to go directly to the community you live in? Do you want to learn more about the many worthy community service programs and organizations serving the residents of Colorado?

Our idea is simple: 100 People, 1 Hour, 1 Check, 1 Charity = $10,000.00


A group of 100+ people inspired to help local charities.


We meet once a quarter for one hour and hear from three great charities.


Our members vote and the charity with the most votes receives $100 from each member.


Members write checks and give directly to the winning charity.

Meeting Schedule

Next Meeting: TBD

Meetings are very efficient.  Typically our agenda looks like this:

6:30 PM – Registration / happy 1/2 hour
7:00 PM –  Presentations from the charities, vote and award the check
7:30 PM – Meeting adjourns

Who We Are

Technically we don’t exist. We aren’t a charity and we have no bank account. Our volunteers simply organize the meetings and our members gather to support local charities. What’s great is that our members only need to commit to donating $100 per quarter to join, and 100% of that goes to local charities. We only meet four times a year and our meetings are fast! A great networking happy hour before each meeting helps connect like-minded professionals and the presentations from the charities are quick and to the point.

Inspired by the success of groups like 100 Women Who Care and 100 Men Who Give a Damn, we’re bringing a great giving initiative to Denver. We’ve gathered a diverse group of liked minded people who care about our community and want to make a big impact.

At our meetings, we combine our giving power and focus it on one charity. That charity gets a big stack of checks from our members as well as many new contacts and a lot of free awareness.

There is literally no downside to our movement.

Our Founders


Braden Dick

Braden Dick is the founder of Global Meeting Technologies, a creative agency providing audio visual and technology solutions for meetings & events worldwide.  GMT helps clients create remarkable events that meet the demands of global businesses.  To date GMT has produced events in more than 30 different languages across 6 continents for mostly Fortune 500 companies.


Braden is a food, wine and music enthusiast.  He is also a frequent-flier program expert.

Jon Ekstrom

Jon Ekstrom is the Co-Founder and Principal of Deft Communications, a Denver-based communications consulting firm specializing in communications training, content creation, media relations and stakeholder outreach.  Deft’s clients include Vital for Colorado, Xcel Energy, the Peak Properties Group, and the Colorado Farm Bureau.

Jon is also the Host and Creator of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, a weekly show featuring interviews with guests from all across the employment spectrum. The Jon of All Trades Podcast was Westword’s Readers’ Choice Award winner for Best Podcast 2017.


How It Works

  • Our membership nominates local charities to present at our quarterly meetings.
  • We meet for 60 minutes four times a year. At the end of each meeting, our membership votes on which charity to award all of that quarters donation.
  • Each member commits to donating $100 to the charity that the membership elects via popular vote to receive the total group donation of $10,000 (or more if we grow to more than 100 members).
  • Have a beer and a lot of fun along the way.

Criteria for Charities

  • Must be registered as a 501(c)(3)
  • Must be willing to provide members with a receipt for their donation
  • Must not be affiliated with a larger national charity / office, Colorado Charities only, please.
  • Charities are encouraged to present a specific program or initiative that the $10,000.00 will be used for.  Charities seeking donations to their general fund are discouraged.
  • (Optional) Provide our members with an update, either via email or in person and let us know how and who our donation impacted our community!

Join Our Movement!

We’re looking for 100 like-minded individuals that want to give back to our wonderful community.  If you’re interested in this great charity and networking event, please fill out the contact form on your right or shoot us an email at hello@milehigh100.org and we’ll get in touch.

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